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10支-可注射/可涂抹~韩国VC美白淡斑水光精华 Huons Ascorbic Acid 50x2ml 100% VITAMIN C From Korea Treatment 10x2ml

10支-可注射/可涂抹~韩国VC美白淡斑水光精华 Huons Ascorbic Acid 50x2ml 100% VITAMIN C From Korea Treatment 10x2ml

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第二天醒來白白滑滑, 毛孔变細






L-Ascorbic Acid,>99%

【英文名】:Vitamin C,Ascorbic Acid















用法1:注射 配合水光针或加青春动能素的最佳搭档。顾客的反馈效果就是这么好,美白加祛斑,多效合一,脸上斑点肤色不均匀,严重者可选择表皮注射,每次1-2支。三次后斑点明显淡掉。 


用法2:外涂 早晚洁面后,选用1至2支,均匀整张脸,半个小时清洗即可。几支后皮肤明显白亮水嫩起来。 


用法3:配合微针滚轮/ 电动微针 每星期两至三次,除了美白去斑外,还可以收缩毛孔,修复凹凸洞,嫩肤去细纹等。



 可以搭配本店微针滚轮 -->   http://www.yfink66.com/goods.php?id=11973





Modes of action:

Collagen is found naturally in human skin layer for scaffolding our skin structures. It provides support, and gives the young firm/smooth skin. When we are aged we loose the ability to produce more collagen and hence lost of elasticity, appearance of wrinkles/fine lines occurred.


L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) is a water-soluble vitamin , for the prevention and treatment of scurvy . 

L-Ascorbic Acid is a naturally occurring electron donor , usually as a reducing agent [ 1 ] . 

It is synthesized from glucose inside ( but excluding humans, nonhuman primates or guinea pig , 

these species must be obtained through dietary consumption ) of the liver in most mammals . In humans ,

L-Ascorbic Acid can act as participate in collagen hydroxylation , L-carnitine synthesis ( which helps produce adenosine triphosphate ) , 

noradrenaline synthesis , metabolism, and tyrosine peptide amide and so eight different enzymes [twenty three]. 

When L-Ascorbic Acid and copper DNA binding will quickly reduce the viscosity of the solution , 

and show some of the mice transplanted sarcoma anticancer effect [ 4 ] . 

In the cisplatin -treated rats 10 minutes before adding L-Ascorbic Acid can inhibit cisplatin -mediated damage. 

Significant increase in serum creatinine levels are indicative of renal injury ,

and is displayed in three doses of L-Ascorbic Acid test which can significantly reduce serum creatinine levels [ 5 ] .


Because of its water soluble characteristics, after adding amidst needle , increase the absorption Shuiguang hyaluronic acid , 

while increasing the dimension C, to prevent skin darkening .



Korea Blemish Vitamin C, a high concentration of L- Vitamin C, 2ml * 50 ampoules


1 , injection

Water Shine Needle with a needle or prime plus kinetic energy of youth the best partner . Customer feedback effect is so good , 

plus whitening cream, more efficient one , uneven color spots on his face , serious skin injections choose , every 1-2 branch . After three distinct pale spots out .


2 , Apply to Face

After cleansing , use 1-2 , even the whole face , half an hour can be cleaned . The skin was supple after a few pieces of white light up .


3, with electric microneedles

Two to three times per week , in addition to Whitening , but also can shrink pores , repair uneven hole, to fine lines and other skin rejuvenation .



Side effect: 

* Do not use more than 20g per days, it may cause digestion disorder (diarrhea & gastric pains)

Not Suitable For:

1) Breast feeder

2) Injection on period women

3) Pregnant women

4) Allergy to Vitamin C

5) Patient with cardiovascular problem


























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